Friday, April 3, 2015

DGKP vs. Niepoort

In 2012, we visited the very remarkable winemakers of the Niepoort family, in the Douro region in Portugal.
After having tasted a wide range of their fantastic red and white wines, as well as their ports, which they are probably most famous for, we proceeded to develop some ideas for their series of illustrated labels.
They use the same basic layout for these labels, like a comic strip, each panel separated by dotted lines. (Shown here are the mockup versions i made, so the wine on the label is not the correct one, see photo of the real bottles for the printed end result …).

These particular bottles were issued in anticipation of the London Olympics, so the requirements were "London", "Sports", and "Fun" … there are red wine and white wine versions:

We also contributed these vignettes to a group label (which included our colleagues Olivier Deprez, Melinda Gebbie and Lars Henkel):

A couple months later, we drew another label, a special edition for Belgium this time, Again, red & white wine versions:

Saturday, February 28, 2015

DGKP EXHIBITION at Fumetto Festival 2015

La Mère & ses Pleurnicheurs s'exposent!
Grande Expo Goblet-Pfeiffer au Festival Fumetto à Lucerne,
Galerie Erfrischungsraum, 7-15 Mars 2015
Vernissage et rencontre Samedi, 7 Mars
Dédicaces Dimanche, 8 Mars
More informations here


Dominique Goblet & Kai Pfeiffer
184 pages couleurs, relié, 22,5 x 30,5 cm
publié Octobre 2014 par Actes sud BD & Frémok

flemish version
published by Bries, September 2014